Zibbo is our wine, vinified from Cannonau grapes grown in our vineyards in Mamoiada, a wholly organic cultivation in which Nature is not superseded by chemistry.

Mamoiada is the town of Mamuthones, very ancient and grim mask, dark and powerful. On winter evenings that follow St. Anthony, the measured tread of a handful mamuthones often resonates in the streets of the town, accompanied and guided dall’Issohadore, beautiful figure, gentle mask and authoritarian at the same time, which regulates the stops and cadences.

Our wine is called Zibbo, nicknamed Raffaele Canneddu the grandfather of Marco and Grazia.

Our wine is called Zibbo, nicknamed Raffaele Canneddu the grandfather of Marco and Grazia.

The name

We wanted a strong name for our wine that contained this essence, the sum of all those characteristics: Zibbo.

That was the nickname of Raffaele Canneddu, severe father of Tonino. Inside the names often there are the essences of things as the destinies of the people and Zibbo combines the tenacity, strength and thrill of father and grandfather Boelle.

The Label

A good wine sticks in our mind as a lasting sign in the sensory memory of the ones who taste it, a memory reinforced by other elements such as the colour, the fragrance and, why not, the label.

You can’t judge a book by its cover but it is also true that there are no books without a cover. A sober and elegant label with dark and gold colours includes the preciosity of the traditional female costume of our town. A golden wheel: a female jewel on a deep background, almost dark brown, like the colour of the skirt, named in Sardinian language “Goresi”.

The balance between graphics and text is sober and measured, it doesn’t distract from the content. Actually completes it with its shape, in an elegant movement, without redundancies, like the composure of our traditional dance “Su Passu Torrau” born in Mamoiada and then become distinctive of the whole Barbagia.


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