Mamoiada is a little town situated in the Sardinian backcountry, in the province of Nuoro, 650 metres above sea level.
It is part of the “Barbagia di Ollolai” and has a population of 2600 ca.

The fire is burning in honor of St. Anthony Abbot in the churchyard of the church N.S. Loreto, one of the oldest churches in Mamoaiada.


The ancient Roman era fountain “Su ‘Antaru vetzu” with the two granite vats and the collection tank. Mamoiada preserves ancient vestiges of the past since the Neolithic Age.

Its territory is characterised by granitic and slightly acid soils that allow the cultivation of the autochthon vine variety par excellence: “Cannonau”, with its typical alberate shape.
In the countryside around Mamoiada there is the cultivation of other vine varieties, even if in smaller quantity, such as:
Monica and another autochthon vine variety:
Granazza, with a sweet and ancient flavour.

Some bunches of Cannonau, the native grape of Sardinia, cultivated throughout the Island, here in Mamoiada is undoubtedly the most popular variety among those used for making wine.


Granazza, this variety also exists in other regions such as Liguria for instance and is vinified in a white high-alcohol content fresh and distinctive.


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