Canneddu the whole family, from sininstra Marco, Anna, Tonino and Grazia.

Canneddu the whole family, from sininstra Marco, Anna, Tonino and Grazia.

Tonino Canneddu has always produced wine, a passion that cultivates since he was a young boy. Over time this passion has been developed thanks to the vineyard that in the meantime he inherited from his parents-in-law Gonario and Antonietta, so the viticulture and the wine production have been always a family activity, handcrafted for a long time and circumscribed to family and friends needs.

The 2015 is the year of change: it grows up the awareness that the quality of the vineyards and the process handed down by the previous generations can be realized in a more ambitious idea. Thus, the decision to start the winery.

Anna, Tonino’s wife, fully commits to the project. Strongly determined, she decides to cede her business to focus her energies at the service of the new creation.


A row of Cannonau in the family vineyard.Un filare di Cannonau nella vigna di famiglia.

Often the passion is infectious and Marco, son of Tonino, that has inherited from his father and his grandfather the love for the wine, decides to join the faculty of Oenology of Oristano, to deepen his knowledge and realise the dream to produce a bold and monovarietal wine that goes beyond the circle of friendships and that can be proposed in a niche market.

Grazia, the eldest daughter, graduated in Law, lived in Rome for work pruposes, followed with enthusiasm and participation the evolution of the company, deciding to come back to Sardinia and fully dedicate herself to the family project.


A batch of bottles ready for labelingUn lotto di bottiglie pronte per l’etichettatura

The history of the Canneddu Winery has to be written yet, but from solid roots grow up trees that give much fruit, and thanks to the hard work of Anna, Tonino, and their sons Grazia and Marco, a new winery gives to the Cannonau the honour that this vine variety deserves between national productions and more.


A view of the family vineyard


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